Sidewalk ‘Chalk’ Talk

A couple of weeks ago I was walking up the sidewalk headed toward the worship building at River Pointe Church.  As I came upon the Early Childhood Building (ECB), there were drawings and writings of different things some of which I could not figure out.  The colors were varied with purple, red, blue, pink, orange and green.  Then it came to me that the kiddos that did this art work knew exactly what all of this meant.  They call this Sidewalk ‘Chalk’ Talk!

Our lives are exactly like Sidewalk ‘Chalk’ Talk…there are those that represent art work of fear, disillusionment, anger, confusion, etc.  Some lives represent art that shows hope, peace, encouragement, fulfillment, love, etc.

I thought as I looked back on the sidewalk, “How many people will walk over this place and not think twice of how much this represents their lives?”  We have a Savior that looks at all of us and can see the art that our life represents.  And how He Loves us!  The thing that matters, are we willing to allow Him to come in and make the colors vivid and take the confusing pieces of what we have created and make them recognizable?

Only Jesus can do this…He is the Master of taking life and brushing up the areas that have blemishes and creating art that is for His Glory!




  1. Borther Rick- what spiritual wisdom and insight…will get some chalk to teach my grandons some
    “chalk talk.”
    Please let us know when you are in town and vice cersa..
    Celebrating your family and your “tween tuned teen!”
    love mrs. b.

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