The Gimmick

In marketing language, a gimmick is a quirky feature that distinguishes a product or service without adding any obvious function or value. Thus, a gimmick sells solely on the basis of distinctiveness and may not appeal to the more savvy or shrewd customer.

Today, I sorted out of my mailbox a card with a car key taped to it.  Conner thought we’d hit the Texas Lottery and swore we had won a car.  That is exactly what the car dealer wants us to believe…but wait there’s more…a section of the card has a ‘scratch off’ where you match up numbers only located at the dealership.  The reason for the card?  To get me into the dealership to match my numbers and see if  ‘the key’ will start the winning car!

Not a bad idea to get us into the dealership to see if we’ve won.  But that is when some of the best gimmicks can really play out!


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