You’ve been given an extra day…a bunch of hours; 24 to be exact!
How will you spend your next 24 hours?
Most will work wishing they had the day off to spend time with family.
Some will go throughout the day at their normal pace.
Others will have ‘Leap Year Babies’ then try to figure out what day they’ll celebrate their birth.
Some will continue to struggle through a tough economy, deciding how the mortgage will be paid on March 1.

How about you? Will you make today a new day where priorities will be ‘shifted’ and a new outlook appears?
Will you call a friend and catch up from days past?
Maybe you’ll take a drive and spend a few hours ‘lost’ in those moments just enjoying the day?

Consider this from Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

You have 24 hours…how will you spend your day?



  1. So enjoyed this post! Makes me want to get
    A time capsule for 02/29/16 and write my dreams for today, plant, and review in 4 years!

  2. Hey there! It may sound corny, but I really live as if God is ordering my steps on a daily basis and do the best I can each day…”just in case” I believe in my heart of hearts that each interaction matters, no matter how small. We never know when we can bless someone else with the God in us or receive a blessing 🙂

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