Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Last summer while traveling to Washington DC for our family vacation, our travel route took us through Atlanta, GA.  I love that part of the country.  And located there is a little church led by Andy Stanley; North Point Church.  Little did I know, as we were heading into the Atlanta area, I would get a unique opportunity to attend one of their satellite campuses Buckhead Church.  I received a Twitter post on my iPhone that Andy was going to be speaking at Buckhead that night and beginning a new series: Shocking Statements of Jesus.

And little did I know our hotel was just blocks away from Buckhead!  So heck ya, I wanted to see if we could make it to Buckhead in time to hear Andy speak.  But because of traffic on a Sunday (ya Atlanta is crazy with traffic all the time) we pulled up in front of the church at like 5:50pm…the service was going to start at 6pm.  So, Theresa tells me to jump out of the car (sorry, before you think I literally jumped out and left the car cruising out of control) she was driving so I could easily ‘jump out’ and head into the church building.  His talk is one of my highlights of the vacation and one of the best talks I heard all year.  And I hear a lot of great talks at my church, River Pointe, every weekend…but this one is different because of the Shocking Statement that Jesus threw out to His disciples.

So, grab a cup of coffee and check out this talk: Shocking Statements of Jesus


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