Goodbye Encyclopedia Britannica

Today it was announced that the company will no longer issue a print edition.  The last, 32 volume print version, was published in 2010.  It weighs 129 pounds and sells for $1,395.

Encyclopedia Britannica has been around for 244 years…has more than 7 million printed sets.

Only 12,000 sets of the final edition were printed.  The company says there are about 4,000 sets left in the inventory.

The digital world has pressed the company to reevaluate that publishing on paper no longer makes sense.  You can now get EB online and is much larger than the print edition…is updated every 20 minutes!

To celebrate the news, EB is making the entire contents of available free for one week starting today!

So long old friend…



  1. I’ll miss it. I love sitting down, opening the encyclopedia and learning some thing new! I prefer old fashioned printed on paper books but can see that it is not economicallly viable for them

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