Spring Training

I have always loved baseball.  I played Little League in 1971 and played for the Indians.  The games were played at Lucky Baldwin Little League.  They let us borrow uniforms…I wore #44.  The uni was in such horrible shape, my grandmother gave it a ‘Uniform Makeover’ it looked like new.  And it was cotton…not what kids wear today…it was like a ‘throwback’ from the early days of the game.  My coach would come to practice with the smell of alcohol on his breath and have us do ridiculous things during the practice.  And of course there were no parents at practice to witness what was happening.  All us boys rode our bikes to the field with our gloves hooked through our handlebars…because thats what you did…it looked cool.  The whole experience was just about enough to turn me off the game.  But thank goodness it didn’t!  We lived in So. Cal and the Dodgers had a huge fan base.  The other team in that area was the California Angels.  Since my parents didn’t like driving to downtown Los Angeles, Chavez Ravine, where Dodger Stadium was located, we’d drive to Anaheim to see the Angels play, it was a little closer to the house.  And my uncle was an Angels fan, so that helped sway me into becoming an Angels fan as well. 

But when Spring Training came along there was an excitement…because baseball was back.  It wasn’t until my wife and I lived in Phoenix that I was able to attend my first Spring Training game It was at Scottsdale Stadium watching the SF Giants play.  The games were cool to watch and they didn’t cost much to get through the gate.

Now, I live in the Houston area…and we are getting a minor league team this summer.  The Sugar Land Skeeters open their season at their new ballpark on April 26th.  I cannot wait to go to a game and take my family along. 


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