Paul Sturges serves his country and has done so for many years in the military. I’ve known Paul for a number of years…he sang in my choir at our church in Las Vegas. Paul was deployed in April 2011 and is now coming home. He shares what helped him make it through the past 12 months…This is very inspirational!

Paul's Road Trip

March 26, 2012 “Faith in the Battlefield”

I’m now sitting in Kyrgyzstan.  As I said in the first blog on April 22nd, I’m certainly not the first, nor the last to deploy for a year.  Before coming here I asked many people how they cope for a year and they all had different things they did to get by.  For me, there were three things that helped me get through:
1) Faith in Jesus Christ
2) Going to the gym
3) At least 1/2 hr of reading or watching TV at the end of the day

I’ve covered the gym and written multiple blogs about the books and movies.  I rarely was able to watch a movie all the way through, usually I knocked them out 35-40min a time on the elliptical.

As for faith, I was absolutely amazed at how good my chaplain was here. Really looked forward to…

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