What ever is happening inside starts outside!

Parking is your first opportunity to make an impact on your guests at church!  Experts tell us that a person makes up their mind to come back to your church within the first 8 minutes after they arrive.  So, the clock is ticking on your Front Porch or First Impression Team.
Why is this so important?  It tells a guest a few things:  First, we are serious about what you are doing here!  So, our parking environment has a team prepared to get you started on the right foot.  What people can see, says something to them.  Second, it allows a new guest to feel less anxious about the decision they have made to try out a new church.
At North Point Church in Atlanta, Andy Stanley says the sermon begins in the parking lot.  Why is that?  Because when the volunteer team does their job so well, folks will put up with the offensive sermon.  And folks like it when the ‘Welcome Mat’ is put out for them.  It speaks volumes to our guests who come each week!


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