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I don’t know exactly what Jesus did on Wednesday. I’m sure he either went back to the Temple, talked to people in Jerusalem, or went to talk to people in the country side. I’m sure he was teaching people and spending a lot of time in prayer.

I know something was happening behind his back. Remember, just a few days ago his disciples were walking with him into Jerusalem. They were with him in the Temple. They were hearing his teaching and watching him heal people. But one of them, Judas Iscariot, was deciding to make a little cash. He heard Jesus say that he was about to die. Judas wanted to secure his future, with money. He should have been thinking about securing his future with God!

Judas went to the preachers (chief priests) and asked how much they were willing to pay if he handed over Jesus. They gave him 30 silver coins.

So from that time on, one of Jesus’ own disciples started looking for a way to turn Jesus in.


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