Speech Therapy

Been to the doctor lately?  I went yesterday to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) to see why my ears felt like they were constantly feeling plugged up.  I just love the part of the exam where the doctor say’s “Open wide,” and then crams an ironing board down your throat to a point just past your vocal chords!  It’s enough to make me wish I was a blue whale.

Perhaps I’d better explain.  The blue whale is the largest animal on the earth, and therefore has, not surprisingly, the largest tongue on the earth.  Of course, I’ve never checked the matter out personally, but they tell me that the tongue of a blue whale weighs as much as a full-grown elephant!  I’d hate to be the doctor who told one of those creatures to say “ah.”

Our tongues are smaller, a few ounces at the most, but much more dangerous in their own way.  They don’t weigh as much as an elephant, but they can tell lies twice the size.  They cannot physically crush someone, but can destroy him just as certainly by malicious gossip.  In the Bible, the book of James says the tongue is a fire, and that the source of heat is Hell itself (James 3:6).

The only thing that rivals the tongue’s capacity for evil is its potential for good.  It can speak an encouraging word to the downhearted, comfort the grieving, and tell a lost man how to find Jesus.  It cannot match the blue whale for sure size, but it can be a whale of a comfort to men in sin.

The fascinating thing is that the same tongue is capable of both of these things.  It all depends on the operator.  Give your tongue to the devil, and you can destroy lives; give it to Christ, and you can see them come to know Jesus.  The choice is entirely yours.

Resolve to use your tongue for Jesus today.  Speak a kind word to a stranger.  Communicate the Gospel to a lost friend.  Sing the praises of God.  Remember, you may not be a blue whale, but you can talk a blue streak, and all for the glory of our Heavenly Father.









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  1. Once I got over the gag reflex, Which is what I think the doctor is really testing with that ironing board, I smiled through the rest of your post. So true—build each other up with your words.

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