Have you ever had anything that you owned that was ‘counterfeit?’  When you discover you possess something that is not the original or that it’s not authentic, there is a feeling you have been ripped off!  Why?  Because our expectations of the value we place into something leaves us feeling empty when it’s not an ‘original.’

Life can give us several different types of ‘counterfeits’ at every turn.  We see it in relationships, friendships, work relationships, neighbors, relatives, etc.  Just about anyone we come into contact with can be counterfeit.  Now there is one who is authentic and can be counted on as trustworthy…His name is Jesus!
The apostle John taught that authentic Christians will really love one another because the love of Christ abides in them. We can display this mark of authentic Christianity by really loving one another as Christ has loved us.  Take a moment to ready 1 John 3 and see what it means to really love one another!

I’ll continue this theme in my next blog post…


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