Happy 75 Wonderful Years Golden Gate Bridge!



On May 27, 1937, the bridge was opened to pedestrians. The following day it was opened to cars. An estimated 200,000 people attended the celebrations on opening day.

Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began on Jan. 5, 1933, and lasted just over four years. The bridge straddles the Golden Gate strait, and connects Marin County and San Francisco.

In this photo taken circa 1935, one of the stanchions casts a shadow over houses at its foot.
Chief engineer Joseph Strauss is credited with the original design of the bridge, which he submitted in 1921. The project received financial backing in November 1930, when voters passed a $35 million bond measure.

Architect Irving Morrow gave the Golden Gate Bridge its art deco characteristics. He designed the shape of the towers to emphasize their height and added vertical fluting along the braces between the tower legs. These details cast dramatic shadows with the light and help make the bridge look and feel more like a sculpture. Morrow also designed the streetlamps, railings and walkways.

Getty Images…Story by MSNBC


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