A Funeral…A Vacation…A Family Reunion!

The week began like most.  We were planning to go on vacation then to a family reunion.  But life gives you a turn…in this case it was T’s Uncle who passed away on Tuesday.  Uncle ‘D’ as he was known, had lived a good life.  He had three grown daughters and was a respected teacher and former football coach.  Uncle ‘D’ had lost a kidney years earlier to cancer.  He had been on dialysis for the past 8 years and finally his body said enough…God called him home!

Destin, Florida is a great place to go and celebrate the summer.  We got to have a ton of fun and enjoyed our time together.  We were able to:

  • Ride on banana boats…I fell off twice…the second time did me in!
  • Conner and I got to deep-sea fish 12 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.  We caught 6 Snappers…it was fun!
  • T and Conner got to parasail…got great pictures!
  • We rode jet skis and found a school of dolphins…that was very cool.
  • And we ate like we didn’t have good sense!

After our time in Destin was complete, we drove to North Texas to the town of Kilgore.  It was T’s dad’s family reunion.  It was great to meet some folks I had never met…but yet felt ‘connected to’ all the same.
After all the clean up was done, we drove back home.

My take away from all this…cherish the moments you have with your immediate and extended family.  Get away and be refreshed and make some great memories with those in your home.  Last but not least…we all one day come to the end of our days.  Let’s not live in a way that would cause us to have regrets.  Make sure you know who Jesus is so when your earthy body finally gives out, you will be ready to meet the Lord face to face!



80 Wonderful ‘Goofy’ Years!

May 25 is an auspicious date because way back in 1932, a little cartoon appeared in America’s movie theaters called “Mickey’s Revue.” It starred the already well-known and beloved Mickey Mouse, but there was an unfamiliar face in the audience watching Mickey. That face had long droopy ears, a protruding tooth, and looked, frankly … goofy. Although he was originally known as Dippy Dawg, he came to be called Goofy and has been delighting audiences ever since. Whether we need a handy tutorial on how (not!) to ski or dance, or just a quick laugh, Goofy’s our guy.

Happy Birthday Goofy!!


It’s Wednesday of Spring Break. Here is a recap of some of the things we have seen so far:

Austin, The UT Tower, LBJ Library, 6th Street, UT Baseball Game, Waco, The Elite Cafe, George’s Big ‘O’, Baylor University, I-35, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Dallas, Dealey Plaza, Arlington, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Texas Rangers Ballpark, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Breakfast on the 18th Floor, My Old Pal Tim Robinson, In-N-Out Burger, Irving, Euless…

Share your Spring Break Happenings!


Today Theresa Turns the big 5-0!!

Theresa and I met in 1987 at a church…which is a good thing…but the place…might be out of the ordinary…it was in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was on staff leading worship and student ministry at West Oakey Baptist Church,  She had just moved to Vegas with a job transfer.  T as I will call her, had never been to Vegas and had no idea how important her arrival would be for us.  We were both 25.

What is so amazing about this story is T is from Beaumont, Texas…a town south east from Houston.  I am from Baldwin Park, California, a town outside of Los Angeles.  How do two people, from these two places, eventually meet and get married?  T did not move to Vegas from Beaumont…she had moved from Washington DC to Vegas!  So now the odds were even higher that we were not supposed to meet.

So how did T end up at a church in Las Vegas?

I’m glad you asked…She transferred to DC to clean up the ‘books’ (a fancy accounting word) at an office her company owned.  But there was stuff going on with the ‘books’ (too many to mention in this post) so she asked her boss for a transfer after only 6 months.  But in that small amount of time, she had began attending church again and getting involved in a singles group at a local Baptist church.  When she told her singles group leaders she was moving to Vegas, they were surprised she would be leaving so soon.  But mentioned to T friends they have known for years who are members of a great church in Las Vegas.  T was given their names and where they went to church.

After a few day she leaves DC and arrives in Vegas.  She begins looking for a place to call home.  So apartment hunting began…by this time Las Vegas had become a city of a little over 600,000 residents.  So finding a place to live was pretty much unlimited because building projects were going up all over Clark County.  T finds a new apartment complex on a street oddly named West Oakey Blvd.  She signs a lease and feels pretty confident about her move to a new city.  As she is leaving out of the development, she turns left heading east and strangely passes by a church.  Her first thought is “I’ll have to check out this church on Sunday.”  “Pretty convenient to have a church in walking distance from where you live.”  The name of the church…West Oakey Baptist Church.

Sunday comes and T makes her way to church…no doubt given its name because of the street where it is located.  The first person she meets is man named Ray Cathcart…a white haired man who was outside greeting people as they walked up to enter the church.  Ray shook hands with everyone and made a great ‘first impression’ to those coming to church.  Ray was one of those guys that made your day…T was no exception, he quickly knew that she was a guest to West Oakey.  Being from Texas and still having an accent, he knew she was not a local.  T attended the service and when Pastor Michael Rochelle came up to welcome everyone to church during the service, he did something out of the ordinary.  He recognized a couple from the congregation and had them stand…their names…Bob & Lois Freeman.  T thought she recognized their names…but from where?  So, after the service she introduces herself to them asking if they knew a couple, by chance, who live in Washington DC that leads a singles ministry there.  Sure enough, this was the couple and this was the church her singles leaders had recommended.  How amazing is that…the real bend to the story…remember that piece of paper with the Freeman’s names and the church name on it?  Somehow that paper did not make it to Vegas; it got lost in the move!
T and I met that same day before the evening service.  Shortly after, we dated for a year and a half and decided to set a wedding date…the big day was September 16, 1989.  We had the ceremony at West Oakey Baptist Church…Michael Rochelle led the ceremony…the Freeman’s were there…so was Ray Cathcart he was one of my groomsmen.

To be part of a story like this is amazing to me.  All that God had to orchestrate to make this happen, I’m glad to be part of the story…wow!

Today we celebrate T’s 50th birthday!  Happy Birthday Theresa….Rachel, Conner and I love you!!


This is my first BLOG to write and have published!  I thought a great way to begin, would be to dedicate this first writing to my daughter Rachel.

Tomorrow is her birthday, not just any ordinary birthday…she will turn 13.  She has been showing signs that there is a teenager getting ready to show its self to the world.  As we all know, all these changes and challenges don’t happen on the day you turn 13.  It has already been in the process of working its way towards this day.  She now wears make-up and can apply nail polish without any difficulty.  Her tastes in clothing is constantly changing and she is a very ‘snappy’ dresser!  Watching her tackle projects like science fairs and art exhibits is amazing to me.  Taking her to middle school everyday is something I look forward to.  We pray together in the car for her day as we drive along…yes, God can hear and answer our prayers as we drive.

I always wondered what it would feel like to be the parent of a teenager.  I am proud to be her dad and watch this little girl turn into a beautiful young woman.  Every dad should have this opportunity that God has given me.  I thank Him for the blessing of being Rachel’s dad.

So Rachel…Happy Birthday!  I cannot wait to see what happens in these ‘teen’ years!!