River Pointe Church

RPC Front Porch BIG Announcement 2 of 2!

RPC Front Porch is going to the Houston Dynamo Game!

Bring your family…Invite a friend…This is our first Front Porch Family Event!!

Join us at the brand NEW state-of-the-art open-air BBVA Compass Stadium in the Downtown District
July 18 | 7:30PM
Purchase your tickets here!

We have a block of 50 tickets reserved…Get Yours Today!


RPC Front Porch BIG Announcement 1 of 2

Here is the First BIG Announcement for the River Pointe Church Front Porch:

The Front Porch Mission:
Our Mission is to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome; providing a safe environment for people to take their next step toward Christ.

We live and breathe this Mission Statement on the Front Porch.  If you don’t know it…you need to learn it.  For the past six months, we have been looking at better ways to live out that Mission.
We began coming up with ways that could help us achieve this:
One way was to enlist Captains to lead every team.  We have accomplished this with only a couple teams still needing Captains. It has been a HUGE success!
Another approach was to create our own brand.  We succeeded with getting our own logo (the FP inside a circle) printed on emails, brochures, our Facebook page and various other items.
We want this identity easily recognized by Guests during services so that who we are as a team lends itself to carrying out our Mission.

With all that said…Allow me to introduce to you our latest realization of our Mission available in two weeks to every Front Porch Volunteer…Our BRAND NEW Front Porch Polo Shirts!!


This comfortable, classic polo has been tested for superior wrinkle and shrink resistance and is silky soft.  They have been ordered in all sizes in both men’s and women’s cuts!  We chose the bright blue color for a couple reasons… first and foremost, it stands out!   You will see that it will quickly become a standard phrase and common expression to “find someone in the bright blue shirt to help you or guide you to where you need to be.”  This blue stands out in a dimly lit worship center for first-time Guests looking for an Usher to help them find their way.  It’s cheerful and friendly and it suggests to Guests that Front Porch volunteers are approachable, friendly, enthusiastic and ready to help!

We wanted a product that would help folks identify us in the same way the Navy Blue Medical Team Golf Shirts have done for that ministry.  I also believe that wearing our new polo shirts will encourage some to want to be a part of our Mission!

Our aim is for every volunteer to have their shirts on for one of our biggest weekends at River Pointe – EASTER WEEKEND!   All Front Porch Captains will be given the number of shirts of volunteers on their rosters starting two weekends before Easter.  Every Captain needs to email Melissa (melissae@riverpointe.org) a quick list of how many women’s/men’s shirts and their sizes before the 23rd so she can get them set aside for you.  All extra shirts will be stored in a safe place to distribute to new volunteers and those who forgot to wear their shirts on their weekend to serve.  This shirt must be worn by everyone serving on the Front Porch (excluding Mary Jane’s and Medical Team who have their own apparel).

Everyone on both campuses will get a polo!  I am so excited to see everyone in their new shirts!

This raises the bar for our ministry!  Are you ready?

The Return!

Hey RPC Richmond Front Porch Peeps!  This coming Sunday, March 4th I will be back in Richmond.  To celebrate the big day, you are invited to have breakfast with me.  What a screaming deal…right!?  We’ll be meeting in the Admin. Office area with all kinds of stuff to eat.  What time?  Glad you asked…if you attend the 8:45 Huddle, then come at 8:30.  If you attend the 10:45 huddle, then come at 10:30!  This is a casual time to hang out and have fun. 

PLUS this is Rodeo Weekend at River Pointe!  So come dressed up in your western duds and let’s have a great time together!