I’m The Worst Blogger II

Happy New Year!

Texas FM 2015

This is my second installment of “I’m The Worst Blogger.”  I began this journey last year when I discovered it had been a year to the day since I had posted a blog entry.  I decided what the heck post a quick note on January 1, 2014 and move on.  So, here we are on January 1, 2015 and it’s time to write another entry.

Highlights from 2014…

I went on staff at Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels after being unemployed for 10 months
My kids were at the same school for the first time in years…Rachel is now a senior and Conner is a freshman
Theresa celebrated 30 years at Stewart Title!
In October I had a great opportunity to go on staff at Grand Parkway Baptist Church as Executive Pastor
Rachel loves being in the high school choir…they performed Bulldog Express in December
Conner is in the Bulldog marching band…they competed in the state finals in San Antonio

The most important thing in our lives is our relationship with Christ…without Him life would not be complete.

See you in 2016!



I’m the worst blogger!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Exactly one year to the day…was my last blog entry.  Yup, I’m the worst blogger ever when it comes to staying with it.  It probably goes hand in hand with those New Year’s Resolutions…

So with that in mind, I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your family.  And who knows, I might be so inspired to write again before we are singing “Auld Lang Syne


First Kiss

Collin KI was very impressed when I heard a story about Kansas State’s starting quarterback Collin Klein. He made a pact with himself at 14 years old that he would not even share a peck until his wedding day. He kept that promise to himself when he and his wife finally kissed on July 21. That’s not the only unusual part of Klein and his wife, former-Kansas State basketball player, Shalin Spani‘s relationship. They never had a formal date until they were engaged.

Klein said that God told him that he would marry Spani, the daughter of former Kansas State and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Gary Spani. Spani said she heard a voice in her head saying the same thing about Klein.

Klein has been compared to Tim Tebow because they are both quarterbacks, have the same size, but more importantly share a faith in Christ.

A commitment like this is so against our culture and so so looked down by the media.  Was this story shared by the major news outlets?  NO.  The only mention of Klein was that he came in third in the Heisman voting.

Thank you Collin Klein for keeping that commitment and standing by your convictions when it goes against the grain of our society!

Happy 75 Wonderful Years Golden Gate Bridge!



On May 27, 1937, the bridge was opened to pedestrians. The following day it was opened to cars. An estimated 200,000 people attended the celebrations on opening day.

Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began on Jan. 5, 1933, and lasted just over four years. The bridge straddles the Golden Gate strait, and connects Marin County and San Francisco.

In this photo taken circa 1935, one of the stanchions casts a shadow over houses at its foot.
Chief engineer Joseph Strauss is credited with the original design of the bridge, which he submitted in 1921. The project received financial backing in November 1930, when voters passed a $35 million bond measure.

Architect Irving Morrow gave the Golden Gate Bridge its art deco characteristics. He designed the shape of the towers to emphasize their height and added vertical fluting along the braces between the tower legs. These details cast dramatic shadows with the light and help make the bridge look and feel more like a sculpture. Morrow also designed the streetlamps, railings and walkways.

Getty Images…Story by MSNBC

Paul Sturges serves his country and has done so for many years in the military. I’ve known Paul for a number of years…he sang in my choir at our church in Las Vegas. Paul was deployed in April 2011 and is now coming home. He shares what helped him make it through the past 12 months…This is very inspirational!

Paul's Road Trip

March 26, 2012 “Faith in the Battlefield”

I’m now sitting in Kyrgyzstan.  As I said in the first blog on April 22nd, I’m certainly not the first, nor the last to deploy for a year.  Before coming here I asked many people how they cope for a year and they all had different things they did to get by.  For me, there were three things that helped me get through:
1) Faith in Jesus Christ
2) Going to the gym
3) At least 1/2 hr of reading or watching TV at the end of the day

I’ve covered the gym and written multiple blogs about the books and movies.  I rarely was able to watch a movie all the way through, usually I knocked them out 35-40min a time on the elliptical.

As for faith, I was absolutely amazed at how good my chaplain was here. Really looked forward to…

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This week is Spring Break in this part of the country.  I am on the road…today I’m in Austin, Texas.  On the agenda…a UT Baseball Game…The LBJ Library…and who knows what other interesting things we’ll run into.

Stay tuned…

Helpful Advice!

In Texas, it’s time for Spring Break!  During my time off, I’m sure I will be in touch with a few folks I have not seen in a while.  That’s where this High Five Etiquette Video will come in handy…It’s my way of sharing Helpful Advice!