What a ‘Drag’

Back in 1947, it looked cool to be a smoker.  In fact, if you were a cowboy, country singer or actor, you smoked and you made it look right!  But fast forward to 1964, that’s when the Surgeon General came out with a report that ties cigarette smoking to cancer.  “Heavy cigarette smoking is the principal cause of cancer of the lungs and the larynx and a health hazard so grave as to call for remedial action” a blue-ribbon science panel concluded.

What is interesting is that smoking cigarettes is still around.  Heck that report came out 50 years ago and you would think after all the cancer deaths caused by smoking that we’d wise up and “kick the habit.”  Even more amazing are the professionals in the medical field that will light up and have a smoke.  The same folks that try to help you beat cancer and stay healthy.

I conducted a funeral last week at a local funeral home here in the area.  As I was talking to the funeral director I noticed in his shirt pocket a pack of Marlboro Gold.  I thought, “are you kidding me?!”  The guy who sits with grieving families who have possibly lost a loved one to cancer because of cigarettes, talking about funeral arrangements?  Reminds me of a sketch on SNL!

I heard a person ask a preacher once, “will you go to Hell for smoking?”  Nope was the reply.  “But you will smell like you’ve been there!”