Tim Tebow

First Kiss

Collin KI was very impressed when I heard a story about Kansas State’s starting quarterback Collin Klein. He made a pact with himself at 14 years old that he would not even share a peck until his wedding day. He kept that promise to himself when he and his wife finally kissed on July 21. That’s not the only unusual part of Klein and his wife, former-Kansas State basketball player, Shalin Spani‘s relationship. They never had a formal date until they were engaged.

Klein said that God told him that he would marry Spani, the daughter of former Kansas State and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Gary Spani. Spani said she heard a voice in her head saying the same thing about Klein.

Klein has been compared to Tim Tebow because they are both quarterbacks, have the same size, but more importantly share a faith in Christ.

A commitment like this is so against our culture and so so looked down by the media.  Was this story shared by the major news outlets?  NO.  The only mention of Klein was that he came in third in the Heisman voting.

Thank you Collin Klein for keeping that commitment and standing by your convictions when it goes against the grain of our society!


Tebowmania Has Left the Building…or Has It?

Today Peyton Manning announced he was going to sign with the Denver Broncos to be their new quarterback.  Which means Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos will part ways before the ink on the Manning contract has time to dry.
So let me get this straight, the Broncos were committed to going into next season with Tebow as their quarterback, or were they?  It seems that John Elway, Executive VP of Football Operations for the Broncos, had a change of heart once Manning was available and showed interest in coming to Denver.  I think Elway took that opportunity to say so long to Tim Tebow and Tebowmania.  Big John had announced after the season that Tim had earned the right to be the starter in training camp…Well after all, he can change his mind…afterall this is a business…right?
When the Broncos were not winning at the start of the 2011 season and fell to 1-4, Elway and the Broncos management threw Tebow out there and the magic began.  But Big John and Head Coach John Fox were not impressed and said negative things about Tebow in each press conference after each win.  But the fan base did not want to hear any of it.  Instead, Tebowmania grew and every time a ‘W’ was recorded, the Bronco’s brass saw dollar signs.  And so the negative comments from his coach and EVP about how he played the game subsided.  As long and Tebowmania was selling out the stadium and the team was winning, everyone one had to ‘act’ like they were ‘all in’ as well.
What happens to all those loyal Tebow believers in Denver?  Will they forget that guy that ‘saved’ their 2011 season?  Will they jump off the Tebow band wagon and jump into the Manning Mobile?  Probably!
Be assured of this, where ever Tebowmania lands for the 2012 season, there will be a bunch of fans that will welcome him with open arms.